From the Dean of Year 8 Dean

Year 8 Medieval Morning

On Tuesday 8 August, the Year 8 students were treated to an exciting morning filled with historical adventures relating to their History studies. The girls transported themselves back to the Medieval Times, through historical costumes creatively made by each student.

The history focus for Term 3, is Medieval history. So far, the students have studied the Battle of Hastings and undertaken a detailed analysis of the Bayeux Tapestry. The girls were shown replicas of medieval armour and weapons, and enjoyed being able to handle armour. Those students who dressed as knights and bishops were invited to wear the maille shirts (armour) and most were surprised by its weight.

There were demonstrations of the weapons used in the Battle of Hastings and the students were invited to handle the replica weapons. The other two workshops focused on Medieval games, with the girls playing a game called ‘Kubb’, this comprised two teams using (replica axes) with the aim to knock over the opponent’s wooden blocks. They also played a running game called ‘Tias’.

The Medieval Morning was incredibly engaging for the students. It helped bring to life what they have been learning in class and introduced the girls to the types of clothes and materials used during the medieval period.

This was an engaging and insightful time and enjoyed by all.

Student comments:

“ the games were fun, particularly the Bells and Bats activity”. Victoria Patsakos (Year 8)

“ the costumes were interesting and I learnt a lot about how they were made and the materials that were used”.Clementine Newton-Brown (Year 8)

“ the armour was surprisingly heavy and  we learnt how dangerous the weapons were and how the weapons required different movements in order to hurt the opposition”. Eliza Mailer(Year 8)

“enjoyed the defensive moves that were needed when in battle, the costumes were interesting and we learnt about arranged marriages”. Anouk Heidenreich (Year 8)

“ it was great to hold the armour and we got to feel how heavy the pieces were”. Ella Johns

“ the teacher was very engaging and shared lots of his knowledge with us. The lesson taught us a lot and especially enjoyed the combats”. Lillian Lu (Year 8)

Mrs Jenny Molloy, Year 8 Dean