The children in the Blue Gum Room are currently engaged in a project in relation to seeds and growth.  Over the school holidays, the children were given a bag of seeds, a pot and soil.  They enlisted help from their families to plant the seeds and then care for them at home over the holiday break. Upon returning to the ELC at the beginning of the term, the children brought their seeds back with them.  This provided the catalyst for discussion and learning in relation to growth from seeds to plants.  The children have been looking at the different stages of the growth cycle from shoots to roots to stems to leaves.  They have also been observing and measuring the growth of each plant.  The children have taken on the responsibility of caring for the seedlings, ensuring that they have enough water and sun each day.  We look forward to the time when the seedlings are established and we can transfer them to our veggie garden and then a whole new cycle of learning will begin. 

Sarah Bethune, Blue Gum Room Teacher  (ELC Coordinator)



Prep 2018 Orientations 

Campbell House learners who are moving into Prep in Barbreck in 2018 will soon be undertaking orientation sessions in order to secure confidence and anticipation about becoming Prep students. 

The commencement of School is certainly an exciting time. The transition for many of our ELC learners into Prep is made smoother through weekly activities held in our Junior School such as Library, PMP, Junior School assemblies and the Friends Program. 

A smooth entry into the School environment ensures a sense of confidence, comfort and security. To ensure that learning can commence very quickly in Prep in the new year, the sessions aim to familiarise and excite our incoming Preps and prepare them well for a great start to learning in 2018. 

  • Thursday 24 August – Prep students will visit the Banksia and Wattle rooms to form a panel of experts for ELC children to ask questions about school life and what to expect in Prep next year.
  • Thursday 31 August – ELC students will visit the Prep Classroom for a Prep experience.
  • Wednesday 6 September – ELC students will enjoy eating lunch with current Prep students, followed by a play in the playground.
  • Thursday 7 September – ELC students will attend the Prep – Year 2 Assembly held in the Junior School. This is an opportunity for ELC children to experience part of the Prep program.

The sessions, initially hosted by staff and the current Prep girls, are equally exciting for those already in Prep!  The students feel so grown up and exude confidence when asked to discuss “When you are a Prep” statements! 


Parent Teacher Interviews 

Campbell House Staff are warmly thanked for their preparation and communication at the recent Parent Teacher Interviews. The interviews are a valuable way for school and home to work together to remain fully informed about individuals – pastorally, socially and developmentally.  

The role of teachers during Parent Teacher Interviews is to inform, suggest, assist and guide parents, from an educator’s point of view, the ways in which their child is progressing in a learning and social setting. 

Working in partnership, parents and teachers always discuss ways to enhance opportunities for children to pursue learning and independent thinking, create, imitate, cooperate and negotiate with enthusiasm vigour and meaning. 

Guidance and encouragement for the child from all parties involved in vital roles of influence creates a positive, powerful foundation which is so important for building happy, contented learners. 

Collaborative partnerships with our families is of prime importance to all of us in Campbell House. We thank parents for the event present interest in all that is happening in each classroom, your keen support for all we do, as well as the very evident attentiveness to suggestions or practical advice on matters pertaining to your child. 

Staff carefully prepare for Parent Teacher Interviews as well as always inviting parents to discuss queries or questions which arise about their child as the year progresses. Sharing in your child’s development is our privilege. Steady, ongoing communication between home and School, with no question or query too small, is of high significance to educators in Campbell House. 

We trust that all parents who attended the August Interviews were pleased with the information received from the teacher as we progress now into Term 3.  Much happens with young learners in terms of their physical, social and academic development in six months! 

Mrs Alana Moor, Head of Junior School and ELC