Fundraising Event today

Congratulations to the Year 6 students of 2017. The discussions, planning and organisation prior to today’s event were carefully and thoughtfully attended to in the weeks before and post the Term break.

The students have shown great initiative and independence leading up to the event and their ideas, suggestions and enthusiasm for the day have been very pleasing to observe.

The annual Year 6 fundraising activity affords many opportunities for Year 6 students to role model sound listening, prompt responses to requests, adherence to instructions, responsibility and the capacity to see tasks through to the end.

Yet to be totalled, the money donated towards breast cancer research will be much appreciated. We thank Barbreck families for your generous support and congratulations again to our highly capable Year 6 students!

Effort and Improvement must be highly valued

So often, children are well praised for achieving mastery or a very high score. Yet it is the effort, determination and steady but productive steps along the journey towards accomplishment which must be well encouraged. As adults we understand the feeling of accomplishment when we conquer a skill which is new or unfamiliar or one which has perhaps always been a challenge.

Motivation is essential if learning is to occur. It is also fragile in many cases. The affirmation of progress, albeit small or major, in a genuine manner from a valued adult/friend, can make so much difference to the maintenance of motivation.

Effort is a key ingredient and it must be recognised as such.

Professor Carol Dweck, a pioneering researcher in the field of motivation, urges educators and parents to recognise effort. She also asserts that “you will reach new heights if you learn to embrace the occasional tumble”.

As parents and educators, it is critical that we strengthen our learners to fully appreciate that progress towards achievements can be slow and at times can plateau or slip back a little. We want our students to have the skill to look at ‘why’ or ‘what happened’ and the power to use the answer to that question to strengthen and clarify their resolve to continue to persist.

Junior School Chess

During Term 2, students from Years 3 to Year 6 were invited to join lunchtime chess on Fridays. This proved to be very popular with the girls, and it was wonderful to watch the enthusiasm, and the growth in their skill development and use of strategy as the term progressed.

Each lunchtime, would begin with the girls learning a new strategy while they ate their lunch, and then we would be straight into game play, as part of an ongoing tournament. Congratulations to all the girls who participated and attended regularly, and a special congratulations to our tournament winners for Term 2.

Equal 1st place: Elisa Wang (Year 4) and Kaixuan (Isabelle) Cao (Year 3)

Equal 3rd place: Mia Upton (Year 3), Erin Jurgens (Year 3) and Isabella Soutter (Year 3)

Due to the success of Chess in Term 2, Chess will continue to be run on Friday at lunchtime for students from Years 2-6.

Ms Catherine Samuel, Deputy Head of Junior School
Winter Ills

We are in the season of infections such as coughs, colds and related illnesses. Children who are unwell should stay at home until symptoms are at least at the very mild level. The spread of infections occurs very quickly, especially in the student population, as they are in close proximity to others very often.

From experience, we do know that children recover more quickly if they stay and rest at home for a day or two than those who struggle with symptoms of ill health.

Pedestrian Safety

With cold and inclement weather upon us, we ask all adults to take extra care on the roads especially in and around school zones.

In the poor weather children hurry more often to cross roads or to escape the rain. Umbrellas whilst necessary can also be either distracting or can limit visibility. The safety of children must be regarded as the highest priority for all of us.

Cross Age learning and the benefits and enjoyment!

On Thursday 8 June, Year 2 came to Year 5 for some help with their dream time stories, I got to help Alexa and Catelin. After that, we helped them record themselves reading it and finally they scanned our QR code on our Australian girl stories. I had a great time with them.

Amelie Snell Bliss (Year 5)

On Thursday 8 June, Year 2 came to Year 5F and they had been doing some writing, so everyone was given a partner and I was with Hazel. It was a very good moment because I felt like a real role model. I also think they had a really good time working with the Year 5s.

Caroline Marcel (Year 5)

My partner and I had a lot of fun and my Year 2 did a great picture of an echidna.

Saskia Schwarz (Year 5)

Working with a different year level was so much fun! I loved that I could work with different people.

Charlotte Upton (Year 5)

Working with the Year 2 students in our classroom one Thursday was a blast and so much fun. I enjoyed working together and typing up my partner’s story. Her drawing was so pretty.

Jiarun (Karen) Ai (Year 5)



Mrs Alana Moor, Head of ELC and Junior School