Term 3 Commences!

We would like to welcome back all returning Barbreck families and also a particularly warm welcome to our new students and their families. We look forward to getting to know each one of you and will warmly assist you to quickly settle into the routines and programs at Barbreck.

Year 6 Fundraising Event: 28 July

On Friday 28 July, our highly capable Year 6 students will be hosting a fundraising event to raise money for Breast Cancer research. All students are required to bring a donation on the day. On the day, online lunches from the School Café will not be available. A pre ordered lunch of $10 will be available or students can bring their own lunch. Students will be required to bring their own morning tea as per usual.

Activities will include:

  1. ‘Barbreck’s Got Talent’ – a Talent Quest open to Years 5 and 6 applicants from 10.20am – 11.20am.
  2. Year 6 activities set up for students from Prep to Year 5 in recess and lunch sessions.
  3. Announcement of ‘Barbreck’s Got Talent’ winners at approximately 1.45pm. Parents are warmly invited to attend the Talent Quest and/or announcement of winners.

The day is a much-anticipated one and we ask all families to ensure that the students are dressed in as much ‘pink’ as possible to symbolise the need for Breast Cancer research.

Year 6, as always, are very involved in organising and leading this event filled with enjoyment and fun and, importantly, raising awareness regarding the need for research into the treatment of breast cancer.

We look forward to a happy day and a day of learning, especially for Year 6 students.

Communication with school

Families are warmly encouraged to communicate with school personnel regarding any questions or concerns pertaining to your daughter(s).  Please be aware that no question is too small.  Also, we advise families to always communicate with us when a matter arises and not to wait for the gazetted Parent Teacher Interview dates.  Matters are more effectively dealt with at the time they arise.

Junior School and ELC primary contacts:

Mrs Alana Moor, Head of Junior School and ELC:  Telephone: 9828 3020 or email: mpoulos@stcatherines.net.au

Ms Catherine Samuel, Deputy Head of Junior School: Telephone: 0408 597 536 or email: csamuel@stcatherines.net.au

Mrs Mary Poulos, Personal Assistant to the Head of Junior School and ELC: Telephone: 9828 3020 or email: mpoulos@stcatherines.net.au

Mrs Sharon Brinkworth, Barbreck Receptionist and Administration Assistant: Telephone: 9828 3062 or email: sbrinkworth@stcatherines.net.au

Barbreck email address

Please note that barbreck@stcatherines.net.au is now available for parents to email absentees and to relay any student information or messages. This email will be accessed by the Junior School office.

Please note that emails containing urgent information i.e. a change of after school or pick up arrangements to be altered, please contact the Barbreck Office. Teachers rarely have an opportunity to read emails during the day and especially, any which arrive late in the School day.

Teachers may be contacted by using the address containing their first initial and surname i.e msmith@stcatherines.net.au

The student Record Book is a very useful means of conveying information to the School.  Students are required to bring them to school each day and to take them home each night.

Organisational details

We hope that the following details outline some useful information for all Junior School families.

Absence from School – Absentee Line:  9828 3021

When a student is absent from school, parents are asked to call the absentee line 9828 3021 and leave a recorded message. Alternatively, you can email absentees on barbreck@stcatherines.net.au.

Please do not leave the message elsewhere in the school or on another phone line. Absences are recorded in official school attendance records by 9.00am. This is important in order to ensure that the school is aware of the absence.

Class teachers appreciate emailed advice as well, however, importantly the student absentee line is the central information collection point.

The absentee line and Barbreck email address is accessed and information noted by Mrs Sharon Brinkworth, or in her absence, Mrs Mary Poulos, early each morning.

Out of School Hours Care

Our Out of School Hours Care provider is Camp Australia.

For more details contact Camp Australia Head office contact numbers on 88551 4100 or 885 14160 .

If you need to contact Out of School Hours Care please note the parent contact number is 0412 510875 or 9828 3904.

Commencing Week 2 (24–28 July)
  • Learn to Swim Monday 24 July concludes Thursday 21 September
  • Years 3 and 4 After School Sport (optional) Mondays, 3.30pm–4.30pm. Commences Monday 24 July on a weekly basis.
  • Year 3 Stage Skills Tuesday 25 July  12.50pm–1.20pm concludes 19 September
  • Performance Program Year 4 Tuesday 25 July   3.30–4.30pm concludes 19 September
  • Years 5 & 6 Homework Happenings Monday 24 July 3.30pm–4.15pm
  • Years 3 & 4 Homework Happenings Tuesday 25 July 3.30pm–4.15pm
  • Years 3 – 6 Homework Happenings Wednesday 26 July 3.30pm–4.15pm
    concludes Wednesday 20 September (term bookings only)
  • Years 5 and 6 STEM commences Monday 24 July concludes
  • Year 3 STEM commences Wednesday 26 July
  • Year 4 STEM commences Thursday 27 July
  • Year 2 STEM commences Friday 28 July and concludes Friday 15 September
  • Write on Wednesday Wednesday 26 July 3.30–4.30pm concludes Wednesday 13 September
Looking ahead at Term 3

I hope families had a wonderful break over the holidays; enjoying an overseas trip, heading to a holiday home at the beach or farm, visiting family or friends, or just taking some time to stay at home and make the most of what Melbourne has to offer.

As we enter the second half of the school year there are still lots of exciting things to come, and much for the girls to look forward to during Term 3.

The following are just some of the events and activities we have coming up this term:

  • The Junior School redevelopment – We are all very excited to watch the progress as the term progresses. Of course, along with this will come many varied and different lunchtime activities to counteract the smaller playground space.
  • Snowsports – We wish all students who are representing St Catherine’s in the Snowsports over the term all the best and we look forward to recognising their achievements.
  • Year 6 Study Tour – Having been on the Canberra Study Tour a number of times, I am aware of the thorough and engaging programs the girls participate in while away. It is an invaluable learning experience for all.
  • Health Program – Towards the end of term, Marion Church will return to St Catherine’s to deliver the Bodyworks program; a great sequential health program tailored for our girls. Keep an eye out for parent information sessions.
  • District Athletics – A number of our girls will head off to represent the Junior School in the district athletics, aiming to achieve their personal best. We look forward to hearing the results.
  • Gala Concert – A wonderful opportunity for our Year 5 and Year 6 musicians to join with Senior School girls in a collaborative performance.

Of course, these are just a snapshot. In addition to these, there will, of course, be many other exciting programs, activities and events happening within the classroom, throughout specialist classes and the co-curricular program.

Catherine Samuel, Deputy Head of Junior School

Parent Teacher Interviews

Parent Teacher Interviews (except 3W interviews) are scheduled for Thursday 27 July. 3W will be gazetted in mid-Term 3.

Best wishes to Ms Kirrilly Wootton in Fiji!

From Tuesday 25 July to Friday 4 August 3W will be taught by Mrs Susan Duffy a well known relief teacher at St Catherine’s.

Ms Wootton has once again been selected to be a staff member on the Year 9 ‘Heyington to Highlands’ Fiji trip as they embark on a well received community service project as the Year 9 of 2016 enjoyed.

We wish Ms Wootton well and expect that she will once again be highly valued and welcomed by Year 9 and staff on the trip. Ms Wootton will miss Year 3 and have much to share with them on her return.

Learn to Swim
In February 2017, we welcomed Ms Shani Sidi in the position of Learn to Swim Coordinator in the Aquatic Centre. Born in the UK, Shani has been around swimming since she was born, at the family business involving Learning to Swim LTS schools. Shani went on to swim competitively for school and then on to representing the UK at nationals, as well as her home club and school in championships. Shani then completed her swimming teaching qualifications after being an assistant for three years and began teaching at the age of 16.

Shani learnt and developed her teaching over a seven-year span before moving into a more senior role becoming a manager of tow of the three swim school programs in a business, also teaching PE in secondary school.  Shani immigrated to Australia in early 2016 and joined the St Catherine’s swimming program, last year.

The LTS program is a wonderful community based activity offered by St Catherine’s. Taking children from as young as three years old through to pre-squad, the bridge gap between LTS and Squad, enables the teaching of a life skill, paramount to safety around water.

Shani now as LTS Coordinator has spent the past two terms bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge to St Catherine’s School, implementing a new ability and assessment structure, specifically designed to cater for each individual more closely. It has also allowed the program to develop and grow, encouraging the pupils to improve their swimming whilst thriving in a safe environment and most of all enjoying what swimming has to offer.

Mrs Alana Moor, Head of ELC and Barbreck