Red Shield Appeal

After threatening to rain all week, 2 June proved to be a lovely day for 72 Senior School students to set out and raise money for the Red Shield Appeal. The girls travelled beyond the St Catherine’s gates and around the surrounding streets, knocking door-to-door asking for donations on behalf of the Salvation Army.

In each group, there were two girls from either Years 11 or 12 whose community service experience and leadership sets the foundation for younger students to be able to give back to our local community.

We thank Mr Norman Gale for giving his time up to speak at the Senior School Assembly about the Salvation Army, making us aware of the invaluable role they play in helping locally disadvantaged people. I would like to acknowledge Ms Mary-Anne Keratiotis, Mrs Gina Peele, Miss Sally Wilkinson and Mrs Vicki Marinelli for helping to organise this very successful door knock.

Overall, an incredible $1376 was raised thanks to the generous community and all the St Catherine’s girls’ efforts. This money will help provide shelter for the homeless, assist families in crisis, and guide people with addictions through to a clean, healthy lifestyle.


Hannah Otto, Community Service Captain