With the days getting shorter and a chill beginning to tinge the mornings and evenings, Term 2 is always a demanding time. At any year level, students are busily planning their study and managing their time ahead of the assessment prior to examinations and reports. The Year 7 students recently completed the NAPLAN test which gave them a taste of examination atmosphere. As has been demonstrated by this cohort, they undertook this endeavour with alacrity and an efficient approach.

With equal enthusiasm, the Year 7s participated in their first House Athletics event and their zest for such events was clearly evident in the way they dressed in their House colours and enthusiastically participated in the House cheer. The very first House Athletics novelty games were also undertaken with intense fervour as the students competed against the other Year groups in games such as the egg and spoon race and Tunnel Ball. Throughout the day, the students continued to cheer for each other and look out for their friends who were competing. It was with great enthusiasm also that the special Year 7 sprint event; the Junior Flyer was viewed from the Grand stand. The fastest Year 7 students competed in this 100m sprint event with Lilli Holmes (Year 7) from Holmes Kilbride winning the title. Congratulations to Lilli and to all students for such a magnificent first House Athletics.

Athletics is not the only arena in which Year 7 students are achieving substantial feats. Poppy Glenning (Year 7, Holmes Kilbride) has been selected to perform with the Australian Ballet Company in their production: The Nutcracker – the story of Clara and Jeneath Wong (Year 7, Davis) has been selected for the Victorian State Team Under 17s for Golf. Additionally, Paula Chen ( Year 7, Holmes Kilbride) won the Years 7 and 8 Division (boys and girls) at a recent Chess tournament.

Further to this, the Years 7 and 8 Concert also showcased the musical talents of the year level with many students performing complex musical pieces with professional aplomb. As the end of yet another term approaches, it is with great pride that I observe how the Year 7 students are settling into the year and maturing into young women.

Ms Kanako Yokouchi, Dean of Year 7