At the GSV Preliminary Carnival I witnessed one of the best cross country races I have seen during my time at the St Catherine’s School. This wasn’t because of the result, it wasn’t because of individuals, it was because of the true team effort I was lucky enough to see.

This year within the St Catherine’s Cross Country team, we have seen some outstanding leaders step up to challenge themselves and their team mates to be better. Within every warm up, every training rep, every run back up Heyington hill this group of senior athletes has been leading the way, setting the standard for the group of younger girls to come.

On Tuesday, this group took on one of the toughest challenges in GSV sport, tackling the running dominance of Ruyton Girls’ School. To this team’s own admission, over their time at St Catherine’s, they would have never thought it was possible to be competitive, let alone challenge the school where the capital ‘R’ stands for running, not Ruyton. Yet, like so many of those successful sport clichés for this group, something just clicked.

The pictures below highlights the team running success of this group. Each team member supporting, encouraging and pushing each other to go that little bit harder and give that little bit more for the team.

Mr Lloyd Knight, Head of Sport