The opening game of the St Catherine’s AFL season delivered an exciting match that kept everyone on the edge of their seats. After a dedicated few weeks of pre-season training, the girls took to the field for the first time and entered the season with grit and determination. Gone are the days of girls’ AFL being a mad swarm of bodies following a ball around a muddy pitch. This game was one of tact and skill with the girls effortlessly executing seamless handballs, driving kicks, strong marks, and even stronger tackles.

Unafraid to put their bodies on the line, the girls dove head first into the challenge, refusing to go down without a fight. Highlights from the game included a seemingly effortless boundary line goal from Jennifer Madgwick (Year 9), countless runs through the mid-field by Celia Cody (Year 10), Chloe Manson’s (Year 10) shimmy and shake around two defenders before converting a goal, Francesca King’s (Year 9) monstrous kickouts from full back, Hope Kudelka’s (Year 10) tireless second efforts tackling and re-tackling anyone with the ball, Grace Ritchie’s (Year 10) charging leads from full forward, Sasha Christian’s (Year 12) white line fever, and most impressively Mietta Charlwood’s (Year 12) sacrifice of her own nose in order to get the ball out of the back line.

Our students put forward an outstanding display of spirit and team work, and should be commended on their intensity for the entirety of the game. Despite missing out on a win by the closest of margins, the girls should be immensely proud of the effort they put forward. A special mention is to be given to the girls who came and supported the team for the first round, and we look forward to Round Two against Melbourne Girls Grammar School, where the girls will be back stronger and more determined than ever.

The final score was St Catherine’s School 3.4.22 and Korowa 4.3.27.

St Carnage shall rise again!

Lottie Wyles, AFL Coach

Mr Lloyd Knight, Head of Sport