The Barbreck girls have been participating in Orienteering during their Physical Education lessons and are displaying some exceptional map reading skills.

Competition has been fierce and in the Year 6 classes it is Julia Kent, Charlotte Rodgers, Milla Naylor, Zara Cooper, Chloe Whiter and Katherine Graham who are leading the way.

Others to demonstrate good skills include Caitlin Wang, Audrey Kyriakou, Lily Maisano and Isla Burrell.

District Diving Carnival

The District Diving Carnival that took place on Thursday 4 May, was a wonderful morning of diving which entertained the many parents who attended from the various schools within our district.

The girls all performed three different dives if they were in A division or three jumps and dives if in B division.

Our girls performed particularly well across the three age groups.

Portia Gowrie (Year 4) won the Under 10 B division event from 19 other divers. Bella Burdett (Year 4) and Rachel Carton (Year 4) gained much experience from participating in their first diving competition.

Indi Cunningham (Year 5) was delighted with her win in the 11 years B division. Chelsea Harris (Year 5) B Division, Scarlett Pringle (Year 5) and Olivia Howitt ( Year 6) A division although they did not finish in the top, they gained valuable lessons from their experience.

The 12 years B division was won by Emma Gregory (Year 6) who performed with grace and finesse. The standard in the 12 years A division was quite incredible. Our girls, Chloe Whiter (Year 6), Coco Marshall (Year 6) and Eloise Burdett (Year 6) dived very well finishing 4th, 5th and 7th respectively.

Congratulations to all our divers. They have displayed perseverance with their training and the team spirit was apparent during both training sessions and at the carnival this morning.

Mr Tom Crebbin, Junior School Head of Physical Education