Congratulations to the cast of A Midsummer Night’s Dream! The wonderful cast and crew enjoyed a fantastic opening night performance. The audience was entertained by the likes of the cheeky and scheming Puck, played by Demi Markakis (Year 11), and enthralled with the troubled Queen Titania performed by Samara Gill (Year 11). Amber Chapman (Year 12) who played Helena acted with grace and poise and Phoebe Edwards (Year 12), Hermia, gave an excellent performance as a woman confused about the loss of her Lysander’s love. ‘The Mechanicals’, who end A Midsummer Night’s Dream with their rendition of a play about love gone wrong, gave a hilarious performance. Tess Horton’s (Year 11) enactment of her character Snout was truly engaging. Her ‘wall’ monologue was a highlight for lovers of Shakespeare who know the soliloquy for its highly comedic writing. All of the cast and crew, including the St Kevin’s students should be pleased with their efforts last night. Congratulations to Mr James Brown for his hard work over these past months. His direction and his support of the students has been tireless.

The play still has two more performances Friday 5 May, 6.30pm and Saturday 6 May at 3.00pm. Please come and support our students and enjoy a night of fun.

The VCE Theatre Studies students who have worked on the play have developed the costumes and make-up design for each character. Students who acted roles have gone through a process of identifying their character and characters’ transformation or trajectory. The work completed during this Senior play will attribute to a VCE assessment task. Each student must document their work carefully and consider possible creative directions, manage their time and understand the historical and cultural perspectives of the play, especially during Shakespeare’s time. They must also consider today’s audience and understand how our modern day perspective will influence the production of the play.

This term, Drama Club will investigate the theatre elements that will assist in developing our Years 7 and 8 Musical, HONK! Throughout the term, we will discover the story of HONK!, what happens in an audition for a musical and learn about how to apply theatre makeup and the process of designing theatre costumes

HONK! is to be performed in Term 4, on the 27 October at 6.30pm with a 3.00pm show on the 28 October.

Auditions will be held in late May and early June, with call-backs scheduled during the first and second week of June.

We encourage all students in Years 7 and 8 to audition. We also encourage students to join the back stage crew and or makeup and costume team. These roles are important and students often find them exhilarating as they feel the excitement of creating a show with their peers.

At St Catherine’s School, we regard the Years 7 and 8 Musical integral to our Drama and Theatre Studies program. The musical assists in scaffolding learning within the Performing Arts. It contributes to building the depth and breadth of knowledge required in VCE and assists in the development of the skills required to perform in front of audiences.

Performing and working collaboratively with others builds skills in 21st Century learning; collaboration, creativity, communication and critical thinking. As we are well aware, these skills are required for our contemporary work force. As adults, we know that most of our working day is in relation to each other. Knowledge is something we consume and reassess throughout our careers at specific times but communication and collaboration are acts that are constant. Daily in fact. The Performing Arts can support and develop these skills within an engaging context.

The Drama Department, along with the Music Department and Performing Arts, look forward to a busy term ahead!






Mrs Julia West, Head of Drama