The Mathematics Faculty is pleased to share with you some fabulous results that our Senior mathematicians have achieved in the past couple of weeks.

The Computational and Algorithmic Thinking competition

The Computational and Algorithmic Thinking competition results demonstrated the strong analytical skills of our VCE students. Our outstanding results are listed below:

  • Year 7 – 22 girls participated with four girls achieving Distinctions and six achieving Credits
  • Year 8 – 21 girls participated with two girls achieving Distinctions and four achieving Credits
  • Year 9 – 17 participated with two girls achieving Distinctions and five receiving Credits
  • Year 10 – 14 participated with one girl achieving a Distinction  and six receiving Credits
  • Year 11 – 10 participated with three girls receiving Credits
  • Year 12 – two participated with both gaining Credits.

Well done girls!

The Big Data Challenge

Last Thursday, four of our Year 12 girls went to Monash University to take place in the Big Data Challenge. During the day, the girls were placed into groups working in the areas of Actuarial Science, Business Analytics or Econometrics. Our girls worked well with the other students, using their excellent mathematical skills and their emerging knowledge of coding. We were delighted to see Samantha Furnell’s group win the Business Analytics component. Well done to all four girls!