Growth, Measurement and Comparison

Inspired by documented observations, a Wattle Room ‘Growth Chart’ has been established in the classroom space in order to promote an awareness of measurement, comparison and the mathematical concept of length. The children have eagerly volunteered to represent their individual heights visually.

In response to this emerging area of interest, the children were also invited to ‘Guess the Baby’ by bringing a baby picture from their home setting (1-12 months of age). This project celebrates growth. It was inspired by the birth of a child’s new baby sister and the picture storybook Guess the Baby by Simon French and Donna Rawlins. In this way, the Wattle Room children are resourcing their own learning through connecting with each other.

Kristina Schrader, Wattle Room teacher




Best wishes for holidays and Happy Easter

Holidays bring opportunities for family time, change of pace and routines and provides a chance for re-energising and preparing for Term 2. Together with staff in Campbell House, I wish families a happy and relaxing time and especially, a wonderful Easter.

Final day of Term One Friday 31 March, 12.00pm dismissal

Day One Term 2 Tuesday 18 April

Winter Uniform Term 2

Term 2 commences in mid-April this year and the weather is likely to still be fine and warm.

Parents are advised that choices between summer and winter uniform can be made by parents (according to the weather) for the first three weeks of Term 2. The official day for the wearing of winter uniform is Monday 8 May. This date will be reviewed and adjusted if the weather still remains warm.

Parent Teacher Interviews

We certainly hope that parents enjoyed the opportunity to sit with Campbell House Staff towards the end of Term 1, to learn details about your child’s days in the Early Learning Centre and progress to date in a number of areas in 2017.

Parents are advised to always seek appointments with staff if any concerns arise about your child’s development or contentment. No query is too small and we encourage parents to communicate with staff when a query arises and not to wait for the gazetted interview dates.

Spare Clothes

Parents are kindly reminded to pack a spare change of clothes for your child. From time to time, in the busyness of the Campbell House program, children have an occasional need to change underwear or clothing. 

Mrs Alana Moor, Head of ELC and Barbreck