Best wishes for the holidays and a happy Easter

We wish all Barbreck students and families a very happy, relaxing holiday period and, indeed, a wonderful, restful Easter. May the holidays and especially Easter, provide opportunities for family time and enjoyable activities with friends.

Year 4 Anglesea Group Camp

Year 4 returned from their three-day stay in Anglesea, filled with stories of learning, laughter, experience and thorough enjoyment. Staff attending the camp, Ms Simone Schilte, Ms Lisa Barker and Ms Georgina Stride are warmly thanked for their commitment, work and professionalism whilst the girls were away and in their care. Thank you also to Mr Tom Crebbin and Michaela Mayes from OEG, who led the group for a day, to run the Anglesea ‘Iron Girl’ competition.

Year 3 Science Discovery Dome Incursion

year-3-scienceAs part of the Year 3 Science Unit of Investigation, ‘Night and Day’, the students were excited to learn new science concepts in the large inflatable space dome. The incursion provided the girls with an immersive experience learning about the movement of the sun, moon and earth. They also learnt how the seasons are formed and the different phases of the moon. These concepts were demonstrated with a giant projector that showed simulations and videos of the sun and earth.

The girls were lucky to have two sessions in the dome. In the first session, they learnt the science concepts. Then later after discussing their thoughts and understandings in class, they created their own questions to share in a follow-up session. They will now be applying their new insights in classroom activities and present them to each other at the end of the term.

Readers are invited to enjoy two of the many excellent snippets of student’s reports:

On Wednesday 8 March, all of the Year 3 girls went in the Cosmodome. We learnt about the Earth, the Sun, the Moon and time zones. Nick, the presenter, taught us all about day and night, the seasons and the tides. We saw a show about the stars and it was very interesting. Did you know that it takes one year for the earth to orbit around the sun? I learnt so much in the Cosmodome.

Hattie Koco (3W)

The Year 3s had an amazing time in the Cosmodome incursion. It was all about the Sun, Moon and Earth. We learnt so much and everyone was having a lot of fun too. When we walked into the Cosmodome it was like being taken into space. It was a giant tent. Nick taught us a lot about space. One thing I learnt was that the moon was created when Thea crashed into Earth. At the end, we learnt about the shapes the stars make in the night sky. It was a shame to end the fun and no one wanted to leave. There was so much learning!

Clover Oxley (3W)


Mr Tim Tainsh, Year 3  Teacher
Important Dates to Remember

Final day of Term One Friday 31 March, 1.00pm dismissal
Day One Term 2 
Tuesday 18 April

Year 6 Camp

Date: Tuesday 18 April – Friday 21 April, Golden Valleys Lodge

Co-curricular Activities Term 2, 2017

Please note the following important information regarding the commencement dates for co-curricular activities in Term 2. 

Week 1

Swim SquadsTuesday 18 AprilFriday 23 June
Learn to SwimWednesday 19 AprilThursday 22 June
Yrs 4-6 Junior JoggersTuesday 18 April (7.30am)Tuesday 20 June
Yrs 5 & 6 Afterschool SportTuesday 18 April (3.30-5.00pm)Tuesday 20 June
GymnasticsWednesday 19 AprilThursday 22 June
Epstein singersWednesday 19 April (7.45-8.45am)

NOTE: Years 5 & 6 Afterschool Sport is compulsory.

Week 2
Afterschool Sport (Yrs 3-4)Monday 24 April
Monday 19 June
TennisMonday 24 AprilMonday 19 June
‘Les Lucioles’ (Yrs 2-3)Thursday 27 April (Recess)Thursday 22 June
Club Français de Barbreck’ (Yrs 4-6)Thursday 27 April
Thursday 22 June
Yr 3 Stage SkillsTuesday 2 May
Tuesday 20 June
Yr 4 Stage SkillsTuesday 2 May
Tuesday 20 June
Homework Happenings (Yrs 3-6)Monday 24 April
Wednesday 21 June
STEM (Yrs 5 & 6)Monday 24 April 
STEM (Yr 3)Wednesday 26 April 
STEM (Yr 4)Thursday 27 April 
STEM (Yr 2)Friday 28 April 
Write on WednesdaysWednesday 26 April
Wednesday 14 June
Chess (Yrs 3 & 4)Friday 28 April
Friday 16 June
Parent Information Line – (number: 9828 3994)

Parents are asked to use the regularly updated Parent Information Line during important times such as a Year level being on camp. The line contains information about the camp and bus arrival information.

Winter Uniform Term 2

Term 2 commences in mid-April this year and the weather is likely to still be fine and warm.

Parents are advised that choices between summer and winter uniform can be made (according to the weather) for the first three weeks of Term 2. The official day for the wearing of winter uniform is Monday 8 May. This date will be reviewed and adjusted if the weather still remains warm.

Absence from School

Parents are reminded that we require a message to be placed on the Student Absentee Line (03 9828 3021) when your child is away on any school day. In order to assist us with safety and security, we ask that parents always advise the Junior School Office on this line – even if classroom teachers have been advised.

School Attendance Rolls

The School bell rings at 8.30am. At this time, the students commence the organisation required for the day. With respect for traffic conditions and families taking siblings to other schools, the attendance rolls are marked in classrooms at 8.40am. Students who are not present at 8.40am are marked absent. These records are sent to the Junior School Office for official entry.

Any student who arrives after attendance rolls have been marked, must report to the Junior School Office to sign in. Accordingly, the records are rectified. Those students who do not sign in, are still deemed absent. In terms of safety and security, it is therefore critical that these steps are followed. Please note, if students arrive after 8.30am, it is assumed it is for traffic reasons.

Term 2 Late Pickup and After School arrangements

Parents are advised that students who are still waiting to be picked up by parents after dismissal at 3.30pm, will be placed in the After School Program at 3.50pm by the teacher at close of duty. Parents will be advised.

Students still waiting to be collected after extra activities will be placed in the After School Program after 10 minutes after the session finishing time (please see below):

Sessions finish:
Afterschool SportYrs 5& 6Tuesday, 5.00pm
Afterschool SportYrs 3 & 4Monday, 4.30pm
Homework Happenings Mondays–Wednesdays, 4.15pm
Stage SkillsYr 4Tuesday, 4.30pm
Write on WednesdaysYrs 5 & 6Wednesday, 5.00pm
French ClubYrs 4-6Thursday, 4.30pm

Parents will be notified and will be billed accordingly by After School Providers, Camp Australia

Out of School Hours Care (OSHC)

All families are encouraged to register with Camp Australia (our OSHC Provider) by telephoning the Camp Australia Head office 88551 4100 or 885 14160 for details.

Note: Camp Australia offer a reduced fee for such circumstances.

If you need to contact Out of School Hours Care please note the parent contact number is 0412 510875 or 9828 3904.