Meet Your Community: Art Action Auxiliary President, Ms Maggie Andrews

1. What are the main objectives of Art Action and its key achievements over the past year?

Art Action’s main objective is to support the Visual Arts department, to engage students in the Visual Arts and support events and the purchase of major equipment to be used by the students. Art Action collaborated with Music and Drama at 2016 MAD Night, selling the ceramic flowers that were part of the 120 art installation and raising over $1,500 for the St Catherine’s Indigenous Scholarship Yulendj, assisted at the 120 Art Show opening in October and commissioned the painting of the 120 Mural by past student Rowena Martinich (’97) and husband Geoffrey Carran.

2. What does your Committee hope to achieve during the coming year?

This year Art Action will purchase two digital cameras for the Art department, to support the increased number of students studying a VCE Visual Art subject and using digital technology in the making of their artworks.  Art Action will support the Yulendj committee, assisting in the organisation of the 2017 Yulendj Art Auction including attending meetings, sourcing assistants, hanging the exhibition, manning the exhibition and promoting the St Catherine’s Indigenous Scholarship to the wider community.

3. What are the key events taking place for Art Action in the coming 12 months?

MAD Night – ‘Making A Difference’, Yulendj Arts Week and Exhibition, and the VCE Art exhibition in October.

4. Why do you think volunteering is so important? How can people contribute?

Volunteering is the best way to contribute to the School, the community and most importantly, your daughter. It is a great way to keep in touch and make new friends as well. I have met the most amazing people through volunteering at St Catherine’s – it has been very rewarding.

5. Have you been involved in other roles at St Catherine’s?

I have been a Class Rep a few times including for Year 12 when my daughter Jaquelin Cantarella was School Vice Captain – it was such a productive year. I have also been PFA Secretary and made lots of friends organising functions such as Ruth Langley Luncheon and the Christmas Fair with my fabulous PFA team (a call out to you guys – which includes the dads!). We are now lifelong friends.

6. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your background?

I am a Chartered Accountant by trade but now the General Manager of an Engineering Firm and a registered training organisation (RTO) which I started with my sister. I was also a Civil Engineer some 15 years ago. My colleagues enjoy helping me with my St Catherine’s volunteer roles and are always keen to hear about the events.

7. Tell us something our community does not know about you. What is your favourite book, hobby, movie or meal?

I like running three or four half marathons per year with my sister. Melbourne, Gold Coast, Sydney and New Zealand are on the cards.