There’s Something About English …

As we return from the summer holidays well rested and refreshed it is important to mention the significant amount of work that has taken place preparing and writing our revised courses in VCE English, EAL and Literature. This year sees the first year of the revised courses being taught to Year 12 students and all the teachers in the English Faculty are acutely aware of their responsibility in delivering the very best courses for our Senior students.

We have had a great start to 2017 in all English, EAL and Literature classes. Students are keen to commence their studies, open new novels and begin discussions and writing on their first units of study. Only this week, I was discussing with my Year 12 class what they have enjoyed the most about their English studies over the years and many commented on the far reaching discussions that take place in English, that it is such a relatable subject to life and that each year it is different and they are learning new skills.

The scope of offerings for students is diverse; ranging from our accelerated study of Literature from Years 9 to 12, the many events held in the Library including guest authors and poets, the Writers Club that meets every fortnight and the many innovations that are taking place in English classrooms across the School. I await with anticipation the reflective writing on the Year 9 Heyington to Highlands trip later in the year and the discussions on the theatre experiences we offer our Senior students. I am excited about the potential and opportunities for all students of English whether they are starting the journey in Year 7 or completing their final year of study in Year 12.

I maybe a little biased, however, I firmly believe that there really is something about English; especially at St Catherine’s.

Mrs Ceri Lloyd, Head of English and EAL