2017 School Commences

It is always so exciting to commence a new School year. With everyone refreshed, the energy is palpable!

Staff are very keen to commence the year with new classes and Year levels to teach and most emphatically, to make a prompt, efficient and engaging beginning to an academically and socially productive and settled year. Our staff work hard before the start of School in order to prepare classrooms, plan activities and events and evaluate curriculum pursuits.

Students are excited and keen to get to know the range of opportunities for learning at a new level. They are also keen to familiarise themselves with a new teacher, classmates and incoming students – all of which reflects the enthusiasm and curiosity for learning so evident in children.

Observing students catching up with known friends and stretching out to make new ones is our privilege. A wonderful time for all!

A warm return to St Catherine’s is extended to the families with us in Barbreck prior to 2017 and a special welcome greeting to those just joining the St Catherine’s community. We will endeavour to help all to settle in quickly and, to feel comfortable as soon as possible. The photos below showcase some of the excitement and smiling faces on the first day of School.

Welcome to New Staff

In 2017, we very warmly welcome three new staff members to Barbreck at St Catherine’s School.

Ms Catherine Samuel joins us as Deputy Head of Junior School

Catherine is an experienced Deputy Head and looks forward to getting to know the students, parents and staff of the St Catherine’s community. Catherine has worked with me during the school holidays and we both eagerly look forward to working together towards ensuring our students achieve well, engage with all opportunities and thoroughly enjoy School.

Miss Alyssa Flint

Alyssa joins us as the Year 5F class teacher for four days each week and will teach STEM classes at the Year 3 and 4 levels on the fifth day. Alyssa has great passion and experience in Science and an absolute love of Mathematics and STEM activities. We look forward to the learning and enthusiasm generated amongst all learners under her tuition.

Mrs Jenny De Nardis will teach the 5F class one day per week as she has done for the past few years.

Mr Luke Russell

Year 2R will be taught by Mr Luke Russell who exudes enthusiasm and energy for ensuring that all the learners in his care are influenced by his desire to share a love of learning. Mrs Iacuone and Mr Russell will work closely together and we look forward to watching the students respond to a dynamic Year 2 program.

Congratulations 2016 Year 6 Barbreck Awards

At the conclusion of each year, a small number of Awards are announced for Year 6 students who have demonstrated an excellence in sustained and quantifiable ways as well as an evident desire to achieve well through perseverance and enjoying challenge.

Congratulations to the following students:

General Excellence: Angela Yu

English: Emilia Searby

Mathematics: Beibei Zheng and Sacha Hanegbi

Endeavour Awards: Madeleine Farrer, Sarah Marriott, Catherine Chen, Mary Kellis

Music: Jariyan Patel

Sport: Zara Bongiorno and Madeleine Hooker

Mrs Alana Moor, Head of ELC and Junior School