Engaging Young Learners

In the knowledge that children are extremely capable and confident, the programs and activities designed in each of the Campbell House classrooms are designed to appeal to the different age groups, as well as to underscore their capacity to learn, inquire, question, retain and importantly – link information.

The Reggio Emilia approach, steeped in the belief of the capability of young learners and the joy they obtain through meaningful learning experiences, is so evident in each of our classrooms. The Blue Ribbon this week provides a glimpse into the children’s learning through performance.

2016 Draws to a Close

As we draw towards the close of the School year 2016, we reflect upon a wonderful year of learning and friendship in Campbell House.

Our 3YO Program learners have thoroughly enjoyed a year of amazing growth, learning and friendship.

The end of year concerts reflected their growth in confidence, focus, interest and especially their strong bonds and connections with other members of the class. Also, their more acute listening skills and understandings about the world around them. We are so proud of each one!

The learners in the 4YO 2016 programs certainly demonstrated that most of them are headed towards the commencement of school! They are indeed highly involved in all they do, take ownership for their own ideas and thoughts and, always make valuable and valued contributions in all discussions. Their connections with their group and the learning were all so readily observable in the end of year concerts.

The warm applause for both the 3YO and the 4YO learners at each concert was extremely well deserved. It reflected the appreciation of the effort, the focus and the talent we were all so privileged to observe!




Mrs Alana Moor, Head of ELC and Junior School