Wattle Room – Life Cycles and Concert Preparations

The Wattle Room children have been invited to select a stage from the life cycle of a moth and study it closely. Finley Thomson was passionate to share his knowledge of “Ivy caterpillars”, which, if cared for appropriately, would soon transform into moths. The children soon learned that these particular caterpillars only eat ivy leaves and need a stick to form their cocoons upon.

Through both observational and predictive drawings, the children were invited to learn about the life cycle of this creature over the course of Term 4. The children also delighted in assuming the role of the caterpillar in a creative dance experience set to music.

Furthermore, the children continue to prepare for their end of year concert which will celebrate their growth and learning together. The children are engaged in devising set pieces, writing scripts, creating costumes and have entered the ‘Rehearsal Room’. The children have also worked together to create a special invitation and show program, which feature examples of their progressive work throughout the process of creating their final performance.


Miss Kristina Schrader
Wattle Room Teacher
Campbell House Learners 2017

The children who will be members of Campbell House in 2017 have enjoyed the opportunity to spend time in their new year classrooms in recent times. A whole new world in another classroom, with some familiar friends and new ones to meet, is how the experience of orientation feels for our young learners. A memorable and important time for all. So much to look forward to!

Meeting New Classmates 2017

On Friday 11 November, we had the pleasure of hosting several of our new students who will join us in Barbreck in 2017. It was indeed a privilege to observe the ways in which our 2016 students were so welcoming and respectful to the newcomers.

While the girls spent time in classrooms, several Barbreck staff hosted an Information Session for the new parents of 2017. It is always exciting to commence preparations for the new year, but we also maintain great focus and attention upon ensuring that 2016 draws to a close at School in a happy and settled manner.

Mrs Alana Moor Head of ELC and Junior School