Support and Resilience Building through Music

Years 7 and 8 Recital

We are looking forward to our Years 7 and 8 Recital next week. Students have been preparing solos and small ensemble performances. We invite parents, or other members of the School community, to attend if possible, but are mindful that the 3.45pm time slot, whilst excellent for our younger performers, may make it difficult for some parents to attend. We know you encourage your daughters in many ways, and thank those who are able to attend at various times.

Music at the Christmas Fair

Soul Power continues to rehearse as they will perform at the Christmas Fair on Friday 18 November. This is always a lovely evening and a great event for the Music Department to continue to display the musical talents of our girls. A number of our Chamber Ensembles have been preparing Carols and other delights for this evening to entertain everyone as they wander through the gorgeous stalls.

Any student who feels they would like to contribute to the music on this evening should see either Mr Collins or myself as soon as possible.

Ensemble Auditions

We are currently auditioning for all of our flagship ensembles, including Jorgensen Orchestra, Senior Concert Band, Viva Voci and Cantanti Belli. Students should keep checking the Music notice board in the Frank Osborn Centre for new audition times, if they have not yet been able to present for an audition.

We thank the many girls who have communicated with Music staff so well throughout this process.

Support and Resilience


I would like to share with you an email sent to a student (who will remain anonymous) from Mrs Lisa Cook, Head of Strings, after her audition.

Firstly, many thanks for your audition yesterday. I know you felt unprepared but Mrs Mathers and I were so pleased that you put your name down and then made the effort to come and play for us…scary stuff, I know!

This shows us that you are already committed to being involved in the Music program next year. The process of audition does indeed help us to decide the best possible seating position for our students, depending upon their level of playing, but we are also looking for girls who will practise their parts, turn up to rehearsals and be respectful in rehearsals by listening and focussing.

This is why, we would love you to be part of the Jorgenson Orchestra in 2017.

Kindest regards,

Mrs Cook

This beautiful email made me reflect on the care that our staff provide to every student, but also, the difficulties that parents can face in this whirlwind 21st Century. Every parent wants their daughter to succeed, and to be the best that they can, but no-one can be the very best all of the time.

We talk a lot about resilience, but how do we build this in our children, and how can schools help you to build it in your daughters? We must be as fair as possible. We must reward effort when it is due, but we are also aiming for our girls to be intrinsically motivated, without the need for approval, or tangible reward, from others as they head into adulthood.

Natural talent is rarely, if ever, enough. We must be prepared to support our daughters through the more difficult times (whether that be friendship issues, not playing in the First Violins for a year, not making the top Tennis team, not winning the award, or whatever it might be). In a world where respect for others can seem hard to find (I am thinking road rage for a start!) we would like our girls to appreciate the efforts of others, and use the success of their peers to positively motivate rather than to cause the premature cessation of an activity, because they are ‘not the best’.

Girls who understand that we have a clear plan for their development, and display patience and humility, are generally those who gain the most from their schooling and beyond.

Families are encouraged to keep discussing Music education at home. There are many girls with excellent musical ability at our School. We aim to include all of our students in some form of music-making where possible. The benefits of learning an instrument and participating in ensembles are undeniable.

Please feel free to contact the Music Department on 9828 3014 or you can also email – with any queries.

Dates – Term 4
  • Years 7 and 8 Recital – Tuesday 8 November – Myer Studio
  • PFA Christmas Party – Friday 18 November
  • Years 7 and 8 Awards Assembly – Monday 28 November – Dorothy Pizzey Hall
  • House Arts Performance – Tuesday 6 December – Dorothy Pizzey Hall
  • Senior School Carol Service – Wednesday 7 December – Toorak Uniting Church
Mrs Jenny Mathers Head of Music