At the end of Term 3, we celebrated the achievements and efforts of all the girls in Year 7. They had a very busy and fulfilling Term, as there were many activities across all sections of the School, in which they participated.

These achievements included GSV Sport (Netball, Soccer and Athletics) and continued into House Snowsports and State and National Interschool Snowsports Championships. For many girls, Sport is a major part of their School life and it is pleasing to note that during the Term many girls were at School early to avail themselves of specialist Athletics training, GSV Sports training, Boot Camp and Snowsports training.

Coupled with this commitment to Sport across the Year level, the girls celebrated the School’s 120 anniversary at the Gala Concert. Many girls were members of specific ensembles, the Senior School Orchestra, Concert Band, and Sherren Singers – culminating in a most successful and rewarding evening.

We celebrated Jindiworabak Week with Mr Shawn Andrews from Indigicate and Book Week with Ms Kathryn White, St Catherine’s Head of Education Resources and Information Centre and participated in the Alliance Française poetry competition.

Many girls throughout the Term regularly attended the student led, A Team wellbeing meetings and activities and participated in Environment, Art and Drama Clubs. There were two teams competing in the Tournament of Minds competition and these girls enjoyed the camaraderie of working with girls in Years 8 and 9. Term 3 was a most successful Debating season with large numbers of girls signing up for Junior DAV Debating. This enthusiasm was carried over into the House Debating competition.

The Verbal Combat play explored positive relationships and bullying

The Verbal Combat play explored positive relationships and bullying

In Term 4 we have hit the ground running with another very busy term. As a part of the Year 7 Wellbeing programweBelong – the girls attended a dramatic presentation titled Verbal Combat.  This play reinforced the themes that the Year 7 Wellbeing program focused on throughout the year; building and maintaining positive relationships and friendships.

The building of relationships across the Year level was also the main focus of the Year 7 Camp to the Cathedral Ranges. On Camp the girls were challenged physically and mentally and were required to work together as a team in small groups – preparing a camp site, preparing and cooking meals, collecting fire wood, all the while acquiring skills that they will build upon in other camping programs.

Whilst on Camp their senses and awareness of the Australian bush were heightened through their experiences within the natural environment. This was supplemented with a cultural experience provided by Aunty Aurore a Dja Dja Wurrung woman who told the girls stories about the bush and introduced them to ‘bush tucker’.

Prior to Camp was the very successful Years 7 and 8 play Hating Alison Ashley. There were several girls with speaking roles and others with minor roles, some girls also assisted backstage and with set painting. These skills will be further put to the test in preparation for the House Arts Festival in the last week of the Term.

I congratulate all of the girls on their level of participation in all that is on offer at St Catherine’s School. The girls continue to strive to achieve their best academic results and pursue co-curricular activities during Term 4.