News from the Banksia Room

Recently, the children have enjoyed digging in the new ELC sandpit and digging patch. During this play, I overheard the children talking about making tunnels. I was curious so I asked them, “Where are you going in your tunnel?” The responses unfolded; some children visited the North Pole to see Santa early, while others visited places such as China, France and even Brazil to watch the Olympics.

In response to these ideas, I read the children The Journey Home by Alison Lestor, which tells the story of two children and their magical journey through their tunnel. This has generated some wonderful opportunities for further discussion and story making in the Banksia Room.

Mrs Lyn Pewtress
Banksia Room Teacher


Learning and Focus are Partners!

Effective learning takes place only when children are interested and immersed in their activity. Generally, young learners have very short attention spans thus the preparation of activities in our ELC must be carefully crafted.

Young learners need to be highly motivated and, importantly, must find meaning and purpose in their learning. It is wonderful to observe the high levels of engagement from our young learners as they immerse themselves in their daily learning with high levels of concentration and involvement in all that they do.

Engagement of all learners underpins all of our activities with children. Each child has the opportunity to select from a range of activities and create a myriad of ways to approach and solve their pursuits. A wide range of materials are also made available and it is always so interesting to see the intensity and determination to pursue and persist in our youngest learners.

Campbell House Learners 2016 Moving Towards 2017!

Those children who will be members of Campbell House in 2017 have spoken well of the opportunity to spend time in their new year classrooms in recent times.

A whole new world in another classroom, with some familiar friends and new ones to meet, is how the experience of orientation feels to the young learners.

A memorable and important time for all. So much to look forward to!

Healthy Eating

We thank families for the wholesome food which is prepared at home for each of the children in Campbell House. Sound foundations in the essential areas of physical wellbeing such as food, exercise, rest and relaxation are emphatically established when children are young and consolidated when enjoying the healthy food with other friends at School.

Children have every opportunity to develop lifelong healthy habits in this area. Habits are formed early, and to observe children in Campbell House enjoying fresh fruit and vegetables, yoghurt, breads, cheese, rice or noodles, dry biscuits and dried fruit for example, bears witness to a shared understanding that we all want children to be healthy for life.


Mrs Alana Moor Head of ELC and Junior School