Class of 2020 – an extraordinary year

Vision. That 2020 Vision. It is a bit ironic when you think about the fact that so-called ‘perfect vision’ couldn’t see the unexpected twists and turns of 2020. The whole world defogged their lenses, defied their cataracts, and looked to this year with new glasses, which will be written into history books. Yet, throughout one of the most remarkable years of our lives so far, the Year 12s remained focused, discovered new found respect for study in what is such a crucial year of our schooling, coupled with a free pair of blinders in order for us to stay on track, and maintain that 2020 vision.

This year has not been all that different. It brought us all the same shenanigans of a ‘normal’ new year – a different locker area, more work, changing friends, different experiences, not to mention the perks of the common room and those snazzy blue Year 12 jumpers.

We started the year with a bang, fulfilling the traditional role of greeting students on the first day of Term, becoming an army of legendary fairy bread makers to share in the newly refurbished clocktower. Term 1 not only established some positive vibes for the rest of the year, it provided Year 12s with something to hold onto as we went into lockdown.

But where 2020 has differed is the universal curveball thrown at us – a global pandemic. If COVID-19 was a person, it would epitomise the phrase ‘big things come in little packages’, because this one non-living, microscopic molecule has somehow managed to change the lives of seven billion people all at once. However, Year 12 picked up those curveballs and ran with them, creating new traditions and memories.

For us, we have had the great realisation that we would all make great surfers, having learnt enough about waves this year to last us a lifetime. Here is what we can personally recount to you about waves:

1) There are many, many different types: waves of a virus, waves of emotions, waves of homeschooling, waves of unity, waves of isolation and waves of spirit.

2) They come in sets, so when they do throw us off balance, we know there will always be a moment of calmness that awaits us. And that hope keeps us going.

3) Life is almost always described as a ‘roller coaster’, but depicting life as one big, joyous theme park ride does not properly acknowledge life’s challenges. So a new phrase has been coined this year. People are now saying that ‘life is a wave’ (well, we two are, at least).

With new lessons in our back pocket, we feel as though we are finishing Year 12 stronger, more capable, and able to tackle anything that comes our way. We have learnt how important it is to stick together, to stay in touch and to communicate with friends and family.

The world is not ready for St Catherine’s Class of 2020, a sisterhood of undeniably extraordinary young women. We began our first assembly address with the idea that as Year 12s, we had chosen the word Vision in the hope of inspiring every girl to use their own glasses, either imaginary or real, to find their purpose and strive to achieve their goals. We are proud to say that this year has brought just that. We know that 2020 vision will follow each and everyone one of us into the future, wherever it may lead us, coupled with the strength of simply being a St Catherine’s girl.

Alexandra Shergold and Sophie Boyce

School Co-Captains

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