As a one-campus day and boarding School, we are a vibrant, close-knit community where students, teachers and parents share in the process of learning. Our smaller size enables every girl to receive engaging learning experiences and personalised learning plans. We celebrate our care of students, both pastorally and academically. It is this nurturing, yet empowering approach, that epitomises a St Catherine’s education.


ELCPer AnnumEntrance Fee
3 Year old (3 days per week)$15,460$1,800
3 Year old (5 days per week)$20,740$1,800
4 Year old (5 days per week)$20,740$1,800
JUNIOR SCHOOLPer AnnumEntrance Fee
Years 1 and 2$26,360$1,800
Years 3 and 4$29,160$1,800
Years 5 and 6$30,520$1,800
SENIOR SCHOOLPer AnnumEntrance Fee
Year 7$33,180$1,800
Year 8$34,080$1,800
Years 9 and 10$35,100$1,800
Years 11 and 12$36,040$2,000
Years 7 to 12$30,480

For further details on payment schedules and composite fee please contact the Business Office

Overseas Students (Non-Resident Students) – Schedule of Tuition and Boarding Fees
SENIOR SCHOOLPer SemesterPer AnnumEntrance Fee
Years 7 and 8$22,360$44,720$1,800
Years 9 and 10$23,025$46,050$1,800
Years 11 and 12$23,595$47,190$2,000
BOARDING FEESPer SemesterPer Annum
Years 7 to 12$15,770$31,540

The fees and charges referred to are applicable for 2020 only and are subject to annual review. All fees and charges referred to are in $AUD.

Entrance Fees

(a) A non-refundable Entrance Fee of $1,800 (ELC to Year 10) or $2,000 (Years 11 & 12) is payable for all students entering the School. Upon receipt of formal advice that a place has been offered to a student, the payment of the Entrance Fee is required by the date specified in the Letter of Offer and Enrolment Agreement. Where multiple siblings from one family are current students at the same time, a maximum total Entrance Fee of $2,500 will apply.

Should a student withdraw from the ELC and wish to re-enrol in the Senior School, a new Application and Entrance Fee will be required at that time.

(b) A holding deposit of $2,500 will apply to Year 1 to Year 12 new enrolments prior to commencement. The holding deposit will be invoiced in January the year prior to commencement for payment in March of that year and will be credited against Term 2 fees in the year of entry. For enrolments confirmed after January the holding deposit will be payable within the period specified in the confirmation of enrolment form. The holding deposit is non-refundable should the student not commence at the School or the family choose to defer commencement.

For full details pertaining to enrolment fees and charges, please refer to the School Business Practices:

For further details on payment schedules and composite fee please contact the Business Office: